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Daytime to Dusk conversions

To be fare I never really liked them. They look Fake and I have an option to choose Dusk photos on my webpage . Where I will come out and take Real dusk photos. I will come out at the right time of the evening and set up and there is normally just about 15-25 min that will lend it self to take the best photos. Lots of planning and time is involved with it.

Now I will be offering the Daytime to Dusk conversions. We take the main MLS front picture and change lots of the parameters of the actually photo. Where we have the light spilling out of the windows and lit lights on the outside with a nice dusk sky. It seems to catch peoples eyes when they go through all the Homes. That is the first step to capture your next buyer. I don't like to lie in my pictures. I don't use a beach view as the view outside the window if there is no beach view, right. But I see this "conversion" to be more as a suggestion and an attention grabber more than a true representation of the house.

The house it self is Real and so is every little thing in the picture. It's just the light from inside the house and the dusk sky that are the major parts in this equation that are not real for the actually time being of when I took the picture.

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