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What "it takes" to end up with RE Photos

I wanted to let Everybody know what "it takes" to end up with good RE Photos.

There are a few version that you can go with and I will try and clarify them.

HDR photos ( High Dynamic Range) is where I as the photographer sets my camera to take 3 pics right after each other. Most Cameras have a setting for this and we dial in the values we want each picture to have.

Then back to the computer and we tell the software to merge all 3 pictures and make it into 1 picture. Then from there we adjust the picture to look as good as it can. These pictures turns out OK but not as good as I would like them to be. The windows in the picture sometimes look a little bit "off" Not that clear on the outside and the frame of the window can be dark.

Flambiant (We take at least 2 -10 photos. 1 Ambient, 1 or more Flash pictures.) This is the method I like to use the most and in my opinion is one of the better value for the money. Back at the computer we have to adjust each picture and then we take them into PS and layer them on top of each other. This is where the magic happens. We take some of the Flash pictures brightens and clearness and layer kinda "paint" in some shadow and light from the Ambient picture to make it look normal, clear ,bright and luxurious.

One shot with many Flashes is where we set out lights at the right places and take the one shoot that has all the lighting at the right levels and the picture is almost ready out of the camera. We still have to adjust this picture but not to the same extent as the Falmbiant version. Downside with this is all the lighting equipment and the time it takes. So this is the most expensive version.

I would like to let you all know what it involves to end up with your link to all the pictures.

The process is:

I drive out to the property and take the pictures, about 1 hr for the 1800sqft house + (the driving, 1 hr avg))

I come back to the computer and import all the pictures. I use the Flambient version on all the inside photos. The outside photos don't need that. Then we export them to Jpg and we make a link to where you can download all the pictures with one click. Email you the link and email you the invoice. All this take about 2 hrs at least on the 1800sqft house. (25-28 pics) Aerial pictures will add another 1 hour, from Flying to finished pictures.

So far we are up to 4 (5) hrs total

All this is made in the USA at my shop and not like some of the other big companies like WOW. Who sends their pictures out to South Asia for their cheap editorial labor. I have used them my self to see what they produced and I have actually talked to one of the Photoshop adjusters that did work for company's like WOW. The results are very "white" and the outside of the windows look like it is fake. Some people might like that look and that is OK.

I try to make my pictures look as real as possible with a recognizable way around the house. So your clients don't get lost in just another picture of a room.

$129.00 for up to 1800sqft house / 4 hrs avg = $32.25/hr. (half of what it needs to be to run as a business.) Hope this helps to understand some of the cost of producing RE photos.

Professional RE Photos should be a marketing tool to promote your services to your clients and not just a helping hand in selling the property. We are here to help you as a feduciary to your clients to show them and buyers what the property looks like at it's best. I try to take away small imperfection or things that will be repaired.

In Europe(Sweden) the seller gets to choose if they want a stager and photographer to come in and use their furniture or stage it with new furniture or just photos. The seller pays for this service and the cost for all this is $1500-2500.00 +, depending on the size of the property and location. This is done on almost 95% of all the properties.

So the last few words I would like to say are. Life is short, Don't over work your self, Live well and I'll see you at the next house. 😃

Thank you 😊

Marco Renk


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